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11/21 冬のビーチヨガ🧘🏽‍♀️Winter Beach Yoga

Haita-i I’m Mika , a member of GRAT!S!SUP.   OMG!!! I deleted the blog once by mistake with the wrong button!! But it's okay now I'm not giving up!Because I want to show everyone the view of Miyako Island!   Summer is over and the sun rises in a different position.Furt...

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11/5 英語対応OK🗣️English available

Haita-i Today's blog is challenging in English🔥   I'm MikaNice to meet you☀️ Our store names is GRATSSUP, does SUP, snorkeling and yoga on Miyako Island.   A customer from Europe. They came to our store after finding us on the Internet We snork...

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11/13 ウミガメの生態🐢 Sea Turtle Ecology

Haita-i I'm Mika , a member of GRAT!S!SUP. Today is about everyone's favorite sea turtles. Do sea turtles flock together? We are often asked. On a yes or no scale, no~ Sea turtles prefer to act alone, without groups. They may gather at points where seaweed is plentiful.It is on...

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