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11/21 冬のビーチヨガ🧘🏽‍♀️Winter Beach Yoga


I’m Mika , a member of GRAT!S!SUP.



I deleted the blog once by mistake with the wrong button!! But it’s okay now

I’m not giving up!Because I want to show everyone the view of Miyako Island!


Summer is over and the sun rises in a different position.Further to the right.The air is clear and the cold wind is pleasant.

Experience yoga while feeling the power and warmth of the sun.

You don’t have to know or have done yoga before

The sound of the waves, the chirping of the birds, and the wind touching your body. And you feel the present.

My yoga is not about perfecting a pose, but about spending time with the mind and body that feels good in that pose.

The sun rises and the sky is blue.
A peaceful time.

Nice to meet you all.

I am happy to share something through yoga every day

I’m a yogainstructor who loves nature.

Thanks for reading today.

Have a nice one!