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11/5 英語対応OK🗣️English available


Today’s blog is challenging in English🔥


I’m MikaNice to meet you☀️

Our store names is GRATSSUP, does SUP, snorkeling and yoga on Miyako Island.


A customer from Europe.

They came to our store after finding us on the Internet

We snorkeled together.

As soon as we started swimming, we encountered a sea turtle!

We are lucky because we don’t see each other right away every time!

So cute❣️They ate seaweed.

Lots of coral reefs and fish and so on.

I am not a good English speaker, but we talked about many things and had a great time.

We’ve received some great reviews!

I hope to see you again when I come back to Miyako Island♡

This time we saw snorkeling, but you can also experience SUP cruising.

We also accept inquiries via our website and Instagram (@gratssup).